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We make Biblical Art Exhibits.

Work is created on Metal and features:

Durable, Scratch resistant, Waterproof, Every exhibit gets a "Finish," Outlast all other products

Here you will find a higher quality of Life. We are committed to bring people to know God and for those that know God closer to God. 

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Owner: James Spinelli


Vison: We are transcending the Art World to further "The Kingdom." I have a gigantic purpose God gave me. Through VISION. I have been turning the Bible into REALITY. One Reality after another. My next BIG Goal God gave me is to cover work pertaining to "EVERY BOOK" in the Bible. This is one of the biggest God "Acts" of a lifetime. I believe in the last several years my walk with God has changed forever our world. -God Bless

"Impacting, enrichening, and elevating lives all over the World"

 Psalm 93:12

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How to purchase!

Step 1 Fillout Contact sheet  below. In message send Book/Image Photo #/Size/

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Step 2 On the "Buy Now" Button enter your total amount. If your buying multiple metal exhibits still enter total order amount

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Price chart

   Standard      Premium+

18x24   $179    Na

24x32   $400   $600

30x40  $900   $1400


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