Meet James Spinelli.

The owner and founder of The Christian Art Store. He also created the App called "Heaven's Gateway." 

James had visions of changing our World. And he is doing it like never before


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What was some of the most divine moments in his Biblical Photography career?

Psalm 119:105

Your word is a lamp to my feet, and a light for my path

We are coming right up the center path of the stream

As we come further up there is 2 rocks that block the path

so you need to go right. As you go right there is a light on the path right at your feet

Proverbs 3:5

Lean not on thy own understanding

Here is a plant on a lake one part plant of the plant leans right.

Then there is a "X" in the sky? And it reflects on the lake exactly where the plant leans. The chances of going see a big X in the sky is probably 1/1000 0001%. Then what are chance that it is in the exact region of the photograph 1/10 .1%. To have reflection image it would have to not rain for 1-3 days prior. Then there couldn't be no wind or a very minium mph. Then what are the odds I am there the hour and morning of

Mark 2:22

Here is a crab to the right of the photo. As he "GROWS" he


In the same way

God is telling us

You can not pour new wine into old wineskins

Romans 8:28

Here is God (God) working for the good (good) of this agriculturalist. He gave a exceedingly good harvest. All the man’s efforts (all things) came out good. He became blessed from his Agricultural Gift (Purpose)

Then what are the odds there's a heart in the sky 1/100000

Then what are the odds I am there the MINUTES/SECONDS 

of me being there 1/20000000